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Top 5 Foodie Experiences Abroad

One of my favorite things to experience while traveling is the food! (and drinks)

Each country and even various cities have their own unique dishes, spices and way of cooking. Trying to local food not only is a delicious and indulgent experience but also helps you to more fully immerse yourself in the local culture. Here are my top 5 recommendations for having foodie experiences abroad.

1) Try The Coffee

I am personally not a coffee drinker but I will always try a coffee abroad! Panama, Cuba, Vietnam, Ireland, Italy- all prepare their coffee differently and in regions where coffee is locally grown it has a rich smoothness you simply can't find in the most of the US. My favorite coffee I've had traveling was in Vietnam - net coffee strained and then sweetened with condensed milk YUM.

2) Head To The Local Marketplaces

The local markets will not only show you tons of unprepared foods in a lively environment where locals bustle, purchasing their ingredients for the days meals- a great experience on it's own. But, they also have plenty of prepared foods ready for eating! If visiting a country on the sea the best is to visit a fish market. If you are inland in a tropical country or are vegetarian, a fruit market is equally exciting as you'll see many fruits you didn't even know existed. My favorite was the seafood market in Panama City where I had the most delicious and fresh ceviche I've ever tasted.

3) Take A Food Tour and Cooking class

You may be thinking "I don't need a tour to go eat!" but a food tour is one of my favorite things to do- why? Because you have a local guide showing you hidden spots you'd never find otherwise and recommending local specialties you've probably never heard of before. A local cooking class is also always a blast as you see how the prepare their famed regions dishes and get to take recipes home with you for when you get those insatiable cravings for foods you had overseas. For my food and cooking tours I ALWAYS use Urban Adventures, 2 of my favorites were the "Bangkok Chinatown Sights and Bites" in Thailand and the "Teotihuacan Day Trip and Dinner with Locals" from Mexico City. Book your next food tour or cooking class HERE

4) Try a Local Specialty

Every city has it's own popular dish- something the area is known for. Find it and try it!

Not only is it one of the best ways to truly get a regional taste but also get into the local groove, it's popular for a reason, right? Some of my favorites have been Monfongo in Puerto Rico and fried alligator in New Orleans!

5) Last but not least- Try local "fast food"

YES! You read that right! I know, I know- fast food?? No- I don't mean fast food chains like we have in the US I mean local quick food that residents grab on the go aka "street food". In Mexico it's the street taco, in Egypt grab a bowl of koshari, stop at a jerk chicken or beef patty stand in Jamaica etc. There is always a local version of quick food that you can grab from a street stand or hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is quickly served, no fuss and easy to eat. I know everyone says "don't eat the street food!" well if I was too afraid to eat street food I would've missed out on some of the best meals I've ever had, not only is street food some of the tastiest but also some of the cheapest. Make sure you buy cooked food and head to a stand or stop that has a line or is obviously frequented and you'll know you're going to a good spot. Some of my favorites are Koshari and Jerk Chicken!

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