What is Responsible Tourism?

Responsible tourism means taking our impact on the places we visit into account and aiming to make that impact a positive one. Minimizing our environmental impact as well as aiming to support the local businesses within the communities we visit.

Because I am an advocate of responsible tourism I will never book the following:

- Large Ship Cruises

- Travel to Antarctica

- Elephant Riding/Zoos/Dolphin Shows or any other unethical animal tourism

What do I book?

-Small Group (max 20 people) tours to ANY REGION of the world (except Antarctica) 

including the following:

African safaris 

River cruise tours in Europe, the Amazon, Asia and the Nile.

Sailing tours in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. 

Expedition/small boat adventure cruises to the Galapagos, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific and Central America. 

Festival tours (ex- Carnival in Rio, Halloween in Transylvania, Day of the Dead Mexico, Harbin Ice Festival China- and much more).

Rail tours through Europe and Asia.

Active travel (biking, hiking etc.)

Wellness and yoga based tours

Foodie based tours

-Custom Tailor made private trips including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific islands, Indian Ocean islands, Mexico and the Middle East. 

At this time I do not offer custom trips for US/Canada/Caribbean/Central or South America or Africa for those destinations please refer to the small group tour options above. 

What type of accommodations do I book? 

- Serviced Apartments 

- Locally run hotels

- Small country based chains

- Bed and breakfasts

- Castle stays in applicable countries (such as Ireland)

- Serviced Villas

- Hostels both private room or dorm options

* I do not book any type of privately owned rentals such as Air BNB, I only work with licensed businesses and rentals (villas/apartments) that are particularly made for short term stays. There are several reasons for this including- the safety of my clients and being able to know a booking is secure without possibility of last minute cancellation by the home owner as well as working to promote sustainable travel. Air BNBs and similar travel housing programs have been shown to cause stress on local communities by taking housing off the market for locals. This causes housing shortages, spikes in rent and living costs and also takes away from locally run hospitality  businesses and in turn loss of local jobs provided by these businesses. I also aim to avoid large worldwide corporate chains as well and instead focus on properties either locally run or smaller in-country chains. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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